Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Presents

Along with big girl legos, games, Veggie Tale videos and musical instruments I decided to get Humphrey and Magoo each a "work". This was such a hit with Magoo--she was a little overwhelmed with the new stuff that she did not know what to do with. Upon opening Baby Doll Washing, she quickly unpacked and ran with the pitcher to a sink. We could see the relief wash over her face, that she knew what to do with this gift.

This is going to be one clean baby doll!

Allowing the girls to work with water is a little stressful for their Papa, so this is something to do at home when Mama is available to monitor. It's set up in the kitchen and there is a ladder up to the sink, so both girls can be pretty independent. Good thing we have a tile floor. I envision this moving out to the deck once warm weather returns.

Below is a picture of how it is set up...I put this together myself resourcing Montessori N Such and clearance shelves at local stores.

Some people allow their children to just wash any doll, and that is fine if it works for you. I am choosing that this is just for washing, therefore setting up the perimeters for the girls--allowing the washing to occur when desired and setting them up for success and not setting them up to frustrate me by washing other dolls not appropriate for soap and water.

Humphrey also received a work for Christmas, although she can do both. I bought this one straight out of Montessori N Such. I received cloth napkins for Christmas and Humphrey is having a good time washing them.

We have a good friend that makes homemade soap, so I cut a bar in half for her to wash with. Besides napkins, I'm not sure what she will be washing...

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  1. Nice works!! Looking forward to learning from your blog. Thank you for sharing.