Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Violin Days

With fall soccer winding down, we took the plunge and Humphrey began violin (Suzuki style).  I didn't really know what to expect; would this be something someone as unmusical as I, could do with her?  Would she like it?  Would we be okay with the sounds floating throughout the house, sometimes a sweet melody, other times loud screeches?  We took the plunge!  Our Montessori lifestyle has meshed wonderfully with this method of teaching.  And more importantly, Humphrey is even working with me on it...if she only knew I am only a few steps ahead of her and video-taping lessons has been a saving grace for me.

Humphrey is very thrilled to have a 1/32nd size violin (the smallest made), and it challenges her a lot--something that she needs.  All of the students had a recital last week, Humphrey played her song with incredible concentration.  She loves her teacher so very much--even enough to try and goof off a little at her weekly lesson...