Friday, April 22, 2011

Imagine a World Without Bottles

Earth Day 2011

Our Earth Day Activities included...    

1. Stopping by Starbucks for a free coffee on the way to school--free fills with a travel mug.

2. Driving to school we had considerable less stops because there was no other traffic, it's also Good Friday and we were the only school in town to have classes.  My husband saved on gas also--no work for him today.

3.  Earth day tattoos on Humphrey & Magoo's hands.

4.  Tissue paper earth craft.

5.  Remembering to get Magoo to the toilet, so we had less laundry to do & a diaper free nap. (The diaper free nap was due to her running out of cloth diapers at school, me not taking the diaper bag to school today, and her falling asleep on the way home from school).

6.  Noticing all of the new flowers and buds on the trees outside the window.

7.  Leftovers for lunch.

8.  Singing a song about recycling.

9. Discussing with Humphrey "why we recycle", seemed a better topic for the way to school than the death of Jesus--she's not yet 4.

10.  Magoo coloring her hands with markers rather than paper--way to be green (literally).  I think the whole plan was negated by the water she left running after washing her hands though.

--the day is not done--


Friday, April 1, 2011

More Books

I picked up two more books about Montessori last week at the conference.  This morning I began reading:

This book is a great reference guide for parents looking for a preschool for young children or more specifically a Montessori preschool. There are  great guidelines for parents to look for when visiting schools and questions to ask. The explanations are thorough and easy to understand. The vignettes about children, teachers and families are superb. I would highly recommend this book!

The other book that I cannot wait to get started on is:

This book is "hot off the press"...I am eager to spend some time with it over spring break this week.

I hope you have the opportunity to spend some time reading more about Montessori also.