Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year again--hearts, flowers, candy, pink & red, and the thrill of making "Valentine's" for classmates.  Last year I gave Humphrey pre-cut paper and had her sign her name to them.  After each one was decorated with her name she added heart stickers to her liking.

This year I got a little more ambitious.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the neatest crayons on  I got crayons shaped like koi, fortune cookies, snowflakes, flowers, and butterflies.  The crayons are pretty cool.  I decided to invest in a silicone heart muffin mold for a $7.99 and have the girls and I have been melting down old crayons into heart shaped crayons to pass out as valentines at school.  I happen to have some stamps that are crayon shaped and also look like they are drawn in crayons, so we were sure to stamp the card with this--hopefully this will ensure no one takes a bite out of the crayon valentine they receive. 

All told, we've spend lots of time peeling the paper off of old crayons, breaking the crayons, baking the crayons and making the labels.  However, this was time spent together over the past couple of weeks...

I would have spent at least $7.99 on silly cartoon valentines that come in a box.