Thursday, January 13, 2011


We place a big emphasis on polishing at the school at which I work. I must admit, I was in my 7th year teaching in the classroom when I introduced more than just eyeglass and mirror polishing. I was finally introduced to wood, glass, brass, silver and shoe polishing. Some people may think polishing as old fashioned. As an adult I find it cathartic, riding an object of it's tarnish, dirt, and smears. I have discovered children being "lost" in their work of polishing. In the Montessori world we also say they are concentrating. Below is a picture of Humphrey polishing a wooden tray last night while I was making dinner--it kept her busy the entire time.

Little is invested in this set up. I picked up the wooden tray at a Salvation Army store recently for $1.95 and with a couple little flannel clothes and some all natural wood polish, we were ready.

When Humphrey decided the tray was polished enough for the time being, she placed the polishing clothes in her laundry basket and can wash them the next time she decides to do cloth washing.

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