Friday, September 9, 2011

New Phase

A new phase in our lives begins tomorrow.  I officially became a "soccer mom" this past week, and tomorrow morning is the first game.  I don't think I fit into the true "soccer mom" category, maybe just the wanna-be group.  After all, I do work part-time, I have not given into the mini van lifestyle and have not over-scheduled my children (yet). 

At her first practice, Humphrey had so much fun.  She loved dribbling her sparkly purple soccer ball (5 of the 7 girls on the team had the identical ball), she loved shooting goals, trapping the ball and "learning" to fall.  The whole team, seven four-year-old girls, had a lesson in falling after another girl fell down and began to cry.   Humphrey went to make sure she was okay and then the entire team and the dad that is the coach, gathered in a circle and practiced falling into the grass and talking about how it did not in fact hurt (it is only about 2 feet). How Montessori of this father and owner of a local chain day-care facility (I did not say that to him). Following practice, Humphrey was pretty excited, but confused about the one teammate that refused to run.

Game day is almost here...finally.  Humphrey is prepared to play in the rain if need be.  We've got the cleats, shin guards, knee socks, and uniform all set to go.  Hopefully the weather dries up a bit and fun can be had for all, even the walker.

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