Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Glimpse at Independence

I had the chance to witness another glimpse at the independence of my four-year-old today.  After a long day at school, I was upstairs with Magoo for about 5 minutes, changing clothes and just unwinding...  I walked into the kitchen to discover Humphrey on the ladder in the kitchen juicing an orange.  She turned around with a big grin and states that she is thirsty for some orange juice.  She had taken it upon herself to get out a cutting board, a sharp knife, an orange, the juicer, and a glass.  She sliced the orange (she did receive a gentle reminder that I need to be next to her to use a knife--Papa keeps them pretty sharp) all by herself and was able to quite a bit of juice to have for her quick snack/drink.  As Magoo cannot pass up much that Humphrey does, she had a turn soon thereafter...

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