Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dirt is fun!

It seems that there is a lot of discussion about children and outdoor free play, getting children back into playing in the natural world and allowing them to simply get dirty.  I remember playing in a sandbox for hours on end and sometimes even flooding it with a hose in order to make it a constructions zone for Tonka trucks.  Have we made the world too sterile for our children, always ready with the hand sanitizer or wipes to keep them free of dirt or germs?  This spring Magoo has enjoyed digging with a spade in our huge pot that we use for tomato plants.  I knew that in order to prevent the plants from being dug up I needed to offer her an alternative for something dirty and messy to do outside.  We live on a very wooded lot, but that does not mean I want the girls to be digging holes all over the place.  After a discussion I had concerning Sensorial ideas for toddlers I happened to be in a store that had big tubs in with all of the summer stuff (Walmart). 

Transferring Dirt

Materials Needed:
2 Tubs ($4 each at Walmart, in a variety of colors)
Dirt or Potting Soil
Scoop, Spoon or Ladel


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