Sunday, February 3, 2013

Story Problems

After dinner tonight, Papa and Humphrey (5 1/2) worked on story problems...she got out of reading a book to him, but he won out on hearing her read :)
Ryan needs a hole 6 feet deep.

He has already dug 4 feet.

How much further does Ryan have to dig?

2 feet


Matthew has 4 oranges.

Katelyn has 5 oranges.

Kristen has 2 oranges.

Ryan has 1 orange.

How many oranges does the whole family have?

12 oranges


Magoo and Papa and Mama each have 2 mittens.

How many mittens do they have all together?

6 mittens


I have 10 fingers.

Some of my fingers have owies on them.

4 of my fingers do not have owies.

How many of my fingers do have owies?

6 fingers


Anna has to practice her violin.

She has to spend 3 minutes on each of her songs.

She has 3 songs to practice.

How many minutes will Anna have to practice her violin?

9 minutes


Magoo needs to shampoo her hair for 2 minutes.

Then she dumps water on her head for 2 minutes.

Then Humphrey begins to shampoo her hair for 3 minutes.

Then Humphrey dumps water on her head for 1 minute.

How long does it take for the 2 girls to get their hair washed?

8 minutes


Wendy had 12 inches of snow on her driveway.

She used a shovel to remove 8 of the inches.

How many inches of snow are left on Wendy’s driveway?

4 inches


Humphrey is helping Papa work on the shop.

Papa needs a board 6 inches long.

Humphrey found a board 8 inches long.

How many inches does Humphrey need to cut off that board to get the size Papa needs?

2 inches

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