Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leadership or Management

I'm teaching in the teacher training program tomorrow, five hours of Classroom Leadership.  The first couple of years I taught this course it was titled, "Classroom Management".  How to manage a room of 24-30 three through six year olds in a Montessori setting.  The name has evolved, the ideas behind it have not and I find myself still calling it Management.  I see it this way: the entire training course is a course on Montessori Classroom Leadership, but I am going to cover topics of management.  Covering topics about: scheduling, planning, discipline, communicating with parents, environmental design, conflict resolution, etc.

My texts are:
1.)  A Teacher's Bag of Tricks, Greg Nelson
2.)  Think of Something Quiet, Clare Cherry
3.)  Please Don't Sit on the Kids, Clare Cherry--recommended
4.)  Montessori in the Classroom, Paula Polk Lillard
5.)  Positive Disciple, Jane Nelson--recommended

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