Monday, June 27, 2011


This week I am teaching Observation in the teacher training program.  While this will be most theory and different styles of observing I am always amazed at how the class goes. 

Course Description
This course will answer the question “What is Observation?” &“What is the role of the teacher?”.
Other areas to be discussed are normalization, interactions, what affects the atmosphere of the 
classroom,and how to manage observers in the room.  Also to be explored are the design and 
operation of a Montessori pre-primary classroom.   It will present useful ideas on scheduling and 
planning, preparing the environment and lesson strategies.

At the Completion of this Course the Student should be able to:
  • Arrange the classroom areas, sequence the materials in a natural progression and order
  • Develop an age appropriate curriculum, set goals, implement class plans, and develop seasonal subject themes
  • Develop skill in making materials for all areas of the classroom
  • Develop a technique of observation to recognize how the interactions in the classroom affect normalization
  • Develop skills to evaluate, reflect and formulate in written form what we observe
  • To internalize the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of a child to meet his/her individual needs
  • Develop awareness of how outside influences will affect the atmosphere of a classroom

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